Glamping in Ningxia’s Tengger Desert. Envy Me, People!

2017-12-01 10:11:50   |   kingying   |   Ningxia

Have you ever wonder what it was like to “glamp” in the middle of the desert? According to urban dictionary, glamping means “to camp in style, comfort, and/or luxury while still experiencing the great outdoors”, and that is exactly what Tengger Gold Sand Sea Resort can offer!

The resort has 15 fully equipped cute glass tents with private bathroom, A/C, TV and bedding. In order to create a romantic atmosphere, the rooms are named after famous stars in Chinese tales such as Altair and Vega. As a matter of fact, the resort is isolated in the middle of the desert and has literally no light pollution. If you are lucky, it is possible to see dozens of stars and even the Milky Way at night. Therefore, remember to keep your fingers crossed during the journey to wish for a clear sky. 

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