Shapotou, One of the Must-Go Places in Ningxia

2017-11-30 10:11:07   |   kingying   |   Ningxia

Shapotou, a National 5A Tourist Attraction in China, is one of the main must-go scenic spot in Ningxia. Standing on the top of the sand hill, a beautiful landscape of desert, oasis, and the Yellow River piles up layer upon layer. In addition, there are many interesting desert activities to do in Shapotou. You can enjoy the cableway slide flying across desert; the sand slide descending to the foot of the hill; the sheepskin raft floating on the famous Yellow River. Let me share my day in Shapotou with you!

Taking the sheepskin raft was the most unforgettable activity in our Shapotou trip. In ancient times, locals used sheepskin to make rafts as transportation to cross the Yellow River. Each raft can hold up to 5 passengers including a boatman. Our ride was very pleasant with a spectacular desert scene and boatmen singing traditional Ningxia ballads. To sum up, Shapotou Scenic Spot has all the essential elements for tourists to experience the desert. You will find an amazing view, interesting culture, and exciting activities all in one attraction!

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