From Deserted Forts to Film Factory

2017-10-03 19:42:46   |   kingying   |   Ningxia

West Movie Studio of Zhenbei Fort is located at eastern foot of Helan Mountain, 35km away from Yinchuan. This National AAAAA Scenic Area was introduced to the world in early 1980s, where there were only two ruined forts from Ming and Qing Dynasty. Founder of the studio, Mr Zhang Xian-Liang, believes these forts have greater value than being a deserted ruin. In 1993, he has successfully transformed the site into one of the three most important movie studios in China.

Nowadays, there are more than 100 movies filmed in West Movie Studio of Zhenbei Fort, including “Ashes of Time”, “The Book and The Sword” and “Red Sorghum”, etc. Many tourists came here to witness the famous scenes in the movies and were impressed by the atmosphere of desolation of the surroundings. The studio is divided into 5 major areas, namely the “Qing’s City Movie Street”, “Qing’s City Gate”, “The Moon Gate”, “Forest of Pagodas” and “The Barbican”.

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