A Wetland Maze at the Edge of Desert

2017-11-24 17:42:24   |   link   |   Yinchuan, Ningxia

At the west edge of the Ordos Plateau close to Yellow River lays the Ming Cui Lake National Wetland Park. Ming Cui Lake has an area of around 2.88km2 and its average depth is 1.6m. The wetland park is a National AAAA Scenic Spot and is just 9km away from Yinchuan, making it a perfect spot for weekend getaway. The park consists of watercourses, swamps, irrigation channels and paddy fields, the fertile soil and rich water resource has made the park a beautiful wetland.

Inside the wetland park there is a watercourse maze, you are welcome to ride a boat and explore the maze. Challenge your friend and see who can reach the end of the maze first! Remember, this is the biggest reed maze in China. Don’t get lost~

Ming Cui Lake is also a great spot for seasonal bird watching. While you are exploring the reed maze, you may encounter a variety of precious bird species. When a big groups of birds flying over the reeds under the sunset, this is the dream scene that a lot of wildlife photographers have come to Ming Cui Lake hoping to shoot.

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