Picturesque Guilin

2014-11-18 12:04:30   |   heilong   |   Guilin, Guangxi, China

Guilin is perhaps the most well-known area of Guangxi as it is a mecca for backpackers and adventurers both from China and afar. The city of Guilin had plenty to offer in terms of sights, but the most memorable event was taking a cruise down the Four Rivers Two Lakes scenic area. Buildings are lit up around the winding waterways and several of the mountains are even brightly lit. Performances were aplenty on the banks of the water and fishermen used cormorants to catch fish from the waters. It was a pretty amazing cruise.

We took another cruise to a famous town called Yangshuo after visiting Guilin. A bamboo raft took us along the famous Li River and the views were stunning. Mountains jutted up all around the riverside and we even got to stop off at the same mountains that feature on the 20 RMB note. Yangshuo turned out to be a great place for biking, and for enjoying the nightlife at West Street.

After Yangshuo, we took a bus north to Longji, which is a series of breathtaking rice terraces that are tended to by local ethnic people. We hiked up the terraces and the view was simply stunning. After awhile, the air began to grow misty, but this only made the terraces appear mystical and serenely beautiful. When the sun came out again, the terraces were green and lush, a real treat for photographers. 

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