An Epic Adventure in Guizhou

2014-03-29 12:42:51   |   heilong   |   Guizhou, China

It isn’t often that people think of Guizhou as a premiere travel destination in China. However, with the newly opened Gui-guang High-Speed Railway, travel to this remote province has become amazingly easy. I started my trip in Guiyang, Guizhou’s capital and immediately sought to familiarize myself with the local culture. I attended a show that compiled some of Guizhou’s most famous minority cultures and showcased the most amazing parts of each one. There was amazing acrobatics, beautiful singing, grand folktales and even a bit of fun audience participation! In all, the show is a great way to begin understanding about Guizhou’s many minority cultures.

My second day was spent exploring Zunyi. This portion of Guizhou is one of the most famous areas for Red Tourism (tourism pertaining to Communist China’s history), however, I was more interested in the beautiful Danxia landscapes that dazzled with their brilliant red hues. I also checked out the Maotai Factory. Maotai is a premiere type of spirit in China and its flavor is sweet and complex. This Chinese wine has been brewed in Zunyi for centuries and even Mao himself was recorded in history as enjoying the strong liquor.

My final day of adventuring took me to the Qianhu Miao Village. The Miao people live a beautiful existence in houses that are made without screws or nails. Long, ornate bridges lead into the village which is built on the face of two parallel hills. Though some of the area is quite touristy, there is still a feel of real wonder for someone who has never seen villages of this type before. I was greeted by women dressed in traditional clothing, including their beautiful silver head dresses, and was fed alcohol through a ceremonial ram’s horn. Truly an experience I’ll never forget!

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